3 Reasons Why A Trademark is Valuable to Your Business


  1. Convey your message.

Today, brands are known through easily recognizable logos and names by using combinations of colors, words, phrases, and images we are familiar with. This helps people quickly identify who is sharing the message, selling a product, or offering a service. Think about the logos you’ve come to recognize such as that little piece of fruit that identifies a brand of phones, laptops, and other devices. Or the strong green man on the bag of frozen peas, or the happy, dancing pitcher of sugary drink selling a refreshing, fun experience. Logos not only indicate the source of the product or service, but can also evoke emotions from past experience, or memories, that encourage continuous use. Your brand becomes a powerful messenger for the product you are promoting.

2. Your customers recognize quality through your brand.

Your logo and tradename should be consistently used in all your business online advertising, product packaging, and storefront signage. Consistently seeing your brand name and design helps customers associate the quality of your product or service with your brand name.

3. Trademarks are valuable in and of themselves.

Planning for global reach should be part of your modern business plan, no matter how small or humble your business beginnings. The age of the internet, and use of online markets such as Etsy,  Amazon, and others, make products and services available to customers around the world. As your business grows, your brand logo becomes valuable in and of itself as a symbol that customers will look to for consistent quality, and value. When business owners look at the potential for purchasing a business, part of the purchase should include paying value for the brand and logo that identifies the reputation and customer loyalty your business has built.

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