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Copyright Registration

Although your rights in your creative work begin the moment your work is in a tangible form, your Copyright Registration proves your ownership, and your filing date is proof of prior ownership should a dispute ever arise. Copyright Applications may take 4-7 months to be processed by the Copyright Office.

copyright Assignment

We can help you create a licensing agreement when you are ready to transfer your copyrights to another company, or establish licenses for use by others in limited ways. Call us today and we’ll help find the best option for you.

Which Type of Works are Protected by Copyright?

Copyright is a unique category of intellectual property as it provides protection of the creative work itself, rather than the process (Patent), or the name/brand (Trademark). Copyright protection is appropriate for: Literary Works, Performing Arts (Plays, Music, Sound Recordings), Visual Arts, Motion Pictures, Photography, and certain forms of Digital Content. Call us today to protect your creative works!

Copyright Enforcement

Are your copyright works being used without permission? Infringement of the use of your protected works can be damaging to your investment, and the reputation you worked hard to build. Depending on your situation, we can address infringement through Cease & Desist letters, take-down notices, and other communications when infringement is found.

Call today to protect your copyrights!

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