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Trademark Search

Conducting a trademark search provides you peace of mind to know whether the tradename, words, or mark are available for use, or are already in use, and likely to be denied registration because of the likelihood of confusion with a similar mark or name. There are a number of factors the USPTO considers during the application process, including the name, product/services associated with your name, and subcategories associated with your service. Once your trademark is cleared for use, file your Trademark application.

Trademark Renewal

Losing your rights to your trademark can be costly to your business and brand. Don’t miss the Trademark Renewal deadlines. We can help you track your renewal dates, and file your first renewal 5-6 years after your original registration. Your second and third renewals should be filed every 10 years. Protect the brand you built by staying current on your renewals.


Have you received a USPTO refusal of your trademark application? Let us help you through the process of appealing your refusal.

Trademark REgistration

We strongly recommend a thorough trademark search before submitting your trademark application, but if you prefer to file an application without the search, we can file the application for you.

Trademark Bundle

This bundle packages the trademark process for you from the search to the registration, to the correspondence regarding non-substantive matters responses from the USPTO. Once your mark is approved, the USPTO will issue a Registration certificate. You will communicate directly with our lawyers during the filing process should you have any questions, or concerns. We recommend this bundle for your convenience.


Keep your brand protected when you sell or buy a business. Talk to us about how we can help make sure your brand is protected during a business transfer.


We help you protect your trademark with Cease and Desist Letters, and other communication when you find that someone is infringing on your Trademark name or design.

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