Our line of Trademark services are simple, and our flat-fee pricing is convenient for you. Our free 30 minute consultation will help you determine which trademark service you need. We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, please call us, or reach out to us by email so we can help you make a plan to file your trademark!

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Trademark Registration

Our law firm is focused on the business of filing your trademark registration so you can focus on your business. Our flat-fee registration package includes the following:

*Trademark Search: including state, federal, and common law trademarks. The trademark search helps us identify potential red flags for your trademark design or name.

*Trademark Registration: This is the formal registration of the federal trademark with the USPTO. During this part of the process, we collect as much information as possible regarding your trademark in order to file a detailed registration application with the USPTO. Once the registration is submitted to the USPTO, it can take anywhere from 3-12 months to receive a registration approval.

*On-going communication with our law firm: You may have questions throughout this process, and we are here to answer them! We will be in regular contact with you as we monitor the process the of your registration, and provide updates to you.

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Foreign Companies Filing for US Trademark Registration

Congratulations on bringing your business to the US Market! Make sure your brand quality is protected by filing a US Trademark. We can help with the following:

*The USPTO now requires foreign companies filing a federal trademark to hire a US based lawyer to file the trademark registration. We are here for you!

*We work as the middle-man by using our knowledge of the filing requirements to help you with the filing process. We want to help you establish your business brand in the US.

*Our office will deal with USPTO communications, and post-application requirements (non-substantive Office Actions), and we will communicate with you regarding any updates.

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Business Growth

We’re here to support your business goals. Whether you are a start-up and need help setting the foundation for your company, or your company has grown to need complex legal forms to protect your business. Call us to begin planning for a future of business growth.

Let’s build something together.

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