Small Business Series #4: Work Place Policies

Your Work Policies Can Determine Whether Your Businesses Helps Employees Strain or Thrive           

Company policies allow business owners to communicate clearly with employees from the outset. When companies encapsulate business policies in employee handbooks, regular training, and policy updates, the potential for creating a positive internal work environment is based on clear expectations. Internal policies hold accountable both the business leadership, and the employees,  and well-written and implemented policies can also increase productivity and reduce confusion.

            Your business, in particular, may benefit from implementation of certain policies, and we recommend consulting a small business law firm that can address the unique needs of your business. In general, some of the following policies are worth considering as part of your internal operations and best practices.

Technology & Equipment Policies: These policies vary widely, and depend on whether your employees receive business calls, email, and other communication through company phones, devices, laptops, and other equipment. Whether you purchase technology for your employees, or reimburse them for technology fees, or whether there is a clear dividing line between company and personal-use technology, the usage expectations should be clearly defined.

A few primary considerations for companies in relation to technology can range from social media posting, confidentiality protection, time management, company email, care and return of technology equipment, and intellectual property protection.

Attendance Policies: Although attendance policies may seem standard for any business today, working remotely, or traveling for work creates new work scenarios that may blur the lines, or assumptions, regarding acceptable attendance expectations. Attendance policies should be updated often as your business evolves, and your employee needs change. Attendance policies can range from traditional expectations regarding work hours, and tardiness, to scheduling vacation time, and paid time-off, but may also include policies for remote meeting attendance, dress code, and time tracking policies.

Work Environment Policies: As the business owner, your vision for the internal environment you want to create is up to you. Defining the values your business operates by is crucial to the internal health of your company and those who put in the hours to continue to build your company. Reinforcement of values that ensure all employees are appreciated and valued is based on policies such as non-tolerance for discrimination of capability, race, gender, religious, and political beliefs.   

Your business is set to thrive or diminish based on the foundations you lay now. Set your business up for success and growth while creating a positive internal work environment, and fostering an inviting work community with your employees.

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